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About Sarah Jeffries, Owner, AED Training

AED Training, established in 2011 by Sarah Jeffries, originated from a place of loss and a desire to empower others with life-saving knowledge. Sarah experienced the tragic loss of a close friend to sudden cardiac arrest, a situation made worse as no one present knew how to respond.

Motivated by this incident, Sarah sought to educate herself in First Aid but found the available training methods uninspiring and tedious, characterised by protracted 8-hour PowerPoint presentations. Driven by a newfound passion, she decided to make a difference, leading her to establish AED Training.

Her ambition was straightforward yet profound: to offer engaging, hands-on life-saving courses to local individuals and businesses. Sarah was dedicated to deviating from the conventional, monotonous training methodologies. She innovated a distinctive training approach, blending immersive hands-on experiences with multimedia elements, all delivered in her signature, down-to-earth style.

Sarah’s approach was revolutionary; it not only conveyed vital knowledge in a more accessible and engaging manner but also facilitated a deeper understanding and retention of life-saving skills among participants. AED Training, under Sarah’s adept guidance, continues to champion the cause of empowering people with the knowledge and confidence to act promptly and effectively in emergency situations.

Our Goals at AED Training

At AED Training, our mission is multifaceted but revolves around a central principle: to empower individuals and organisations with the vital knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to life-threatening situations, specifically sudden cardiac arrests. Here are our fundamental goals:

1. Promote Lifesaving Knowledge:

We aim to propagate essential first aid knowledge, ensuring that more people are equipped to handle emergency situations, potentially saving lives and reducing the impact of injuries.

2. Foster Engaging Learning Environments:

Sarah Jeffries' innovative and engaging teaching methodology is foundational to our training sessions. We strive to maintain a learning environment that is interactive, immersive, and away from the monotony of traditional training models, ensuring higher retention rates and practical understanding.

3. Increase Accessibility:

A core goal is to make life-saving courses more accessible to the masses. We endeavour to reach a wide spectrum of the community, providing affordable and comprehensive training to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to learn these essential skills.

5. Continuous Improvement and Adaptation:

We are committed to continually refining and evolving our training programmes to incorporate the latest in first aid research, technology, and teaching methodologies. We are dedicated to staying abreast of advancements in medical knowledge and educational strategies to deliver the most effective training possible.

6. Raise Awareness:

By spotlighting the importance of first aid and CPR training, we aim to raise public awareness about the crucial role prompt and correct intervention plays in increasing survival rates during medical emergencies, ultimately encouraging more people to get trained.